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Every one of our employees is someone's spouse, parent, child, or friend, and we take our responsibility to them very seriously. While budgets and timelines are important, none of that can successfully occur without ensuring our team members are safe on the job. We empower our employees with the necessary skills, tools, and training to ensure their health and safety. 

Our Occupational Health and Safety Management System is one of the most successful in the industry, with certifications including COR™, AVETTA, BROWZ, ISNetworld and Golden Shovel Certification to show for it. Our system is designed to minimize the incidence of employee injury and illness. As a result of the training and procedures we have in place, we are proud to consistently score above 95% on all internal and external BC and Alberta audits. Our training program is continuously reviewed as conditions change, as we strive to improve our standards and proactively ensure the ongoing health and safety of everyone on our team.

Avetta Certified
Safe Certified
In Accordance with WorkSafeBC
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